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We specialize in industry safety and hygiene.

Ventilation - We assess, service, clean existing ventilation, our cleaners are previous engineers and have years of experience in the game. We lag vents for insulation, fit access doors based upon bottlenecks, treat vents with a prevention treatments to keep downtime of your business minimal due to less time needed to service in the future.

Fire Proofing - We fit and assess fire and smoke dampening within ventilation systems, with insurances and assurances in place. We commonly update existing fire and safety plans to better protect businesses from fire, keeping employees and customers safe.

Industrial cleaning - We clean large and small areas such as kitchen canopies, abattoir floors and the jobs many workers do not want to do. Our work includes: Fleet cleaning, kitchens you name it. We work with knowledge of infection control. See the regulations and accrediations wie respect in the scion standard tab. 



We aim to be the future of industry hygiene and safety, working with clients ranging from small takeaway restaurants to global multi billion chains, in a plethora of industries. 

We take a fair and measured view on how pricing, but see it as an investment into the standard of your own company. We are reassuringly expensive, due to the value proposition.

Please contact us so we can show you the scion standard, or refer you on to one of our partners if it isn't our specialty. 

Our Clients

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Contact Numbers

Jack Waldron (Co - Founder) - 07811404666

Bradley Goodale (Co - Founder) - 07496439875

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