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Referral Scheme 

If we win, you win.

We pay a large finders fee for anyone securing us a new job or contract. Currently we pay out 10% of our netted profit from the first job of the contract, or the portion of the contract divided up for the first job.


Possibly more for a brand partner or one of our active workers. 

Our finders fee will not include factoring in our ongoing costs outside of the cost of the job.

Anyone can sell our services on our behalf, so there are no barriers to payment.

When we get paid. So do you. 

Enquire below if you are interested in our brief sales training and getting setup to receive payment.

Finders fee amounts are subject to change. We will cap any one payout at £5,000 so any job up to £50,000 profit. This is due to increased layouts and costs for larger jobs.  And payment will only be made if we are and when we are, so if the payment falls through that finders fee will not be payable.

Brand Partnerships

Our valued partnerships with companies completing work in different industry's. We will always recommend these to our clients in our line of work due to the quality they complete work to. 

To become a brand partner, please get in contact, please note if there is a conflict of interest between your company and our existing partners, we will remain loyal to our partners. 

A Fullwood Construction

Construction, Building, Bricklaying

Based Primarily is West Yorkshire. 

SESKU Scaffolding 


Based Primarily is West Yorkshire, but caters nationwide.





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